Who, how, and why?

We are a dedicated, and a motivated team that strives to change the usage and the purpose of web in Doha, Qatar. Qatar is developing rapidly; yet, the web services in Qatar are limited, which is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Our team is committed to making change to the way people percieve web design in Qatar, as well as introducing responsive websites for everyone. By sticking to the latest technologies, we always try to find the most modern way of doing things, sticking to keeping it simple for the users of the website, and leaving the management of the website easy by our clients.

It is about time to revolutionize the Internet, and move forward instead of sticking to the 1990's style of websites. In a research we have conducted, we saw that more than 85% of websites in Qatar only provide minimal information, such as contact details or the location of a shop. Our vision is to change that, and aim to make the web a tool to ease our daily lives, rather than just a reference to information that we could access by phone.