What is a Website?

First things first. What is a website? Well, you can consider that as an address that you have on the web. Your email is an address for example, people can send you a lot of things to your email. The difference between your email address and your website address is that your website address will have things that are public, in other words, everyone will be able to see what you have in your website, while your email address has private things that you can only see. Obviously, this is not true from a technical standpoint. But, you dont need to understand to technical side to be able to start your website. Now we agreed that our website is an address that we have in the web where we can share our content, images, music with the public. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace all of these websites are addresses where millions of users use to share their content with the world.

Now, you want to have your own address. So how would you do that? Well, it seems that this addresses analogy is going to be very helpful. You see, when you get an address for your house in real life, you probably had to go through some central administration to register your house address. Similarly, there are institutions that are responsible for registering your online address. These are called domain name registration providers. We in host.qa are proud to be one of many companies in the world that offer this service. What we do is that we take an address of your choice, from here on we will call your online address a domain name, and we will reserve that address for you in exchange of a small fee.

Now, it is not always possible to do that, because sometimes the address is already reserved for someone else. In these cases, we will tell you if the address is already reserved and we will give you recommend you addresses that are not yet reserved. Having the address alone is not going to be sufficient because an address with a postal box is useless. You need that postal box to put things on. The postal in our case is called a host server. The host server plays the same role that the postal box does in real life. It is a recipient for anything you want people that will come to your online address (domain name) to see.

In Host.Qa we are also very proud to be provide you with a host for your website for a small fee. Now you know that your website is made of two components. The first one is the domain name and the second one is the host. The domain name is the address people use to get to your pages and the host is where the pages are stored.

Well, thats what a website is in very simple terms. And you know what? You dont need to know more that these to have your website online. If you still cant believe us, wait till our next article and youll see. Now, if you liked our article and found it useful, feel free to share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Dont forget to follow us on @hostqa and like our Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting our blog, stay tuned and see you soon!

Host.Qa Team

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